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Academic positions

2022- Postdoctoral research scientist, Institute for Phonetics and Speech Processing, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich

2021-2022 Two fixed-term part-time positions as lecturer, University of Amsterdam

2018-2022 PhD fellow, Leiden University Centre for Linguistics
My project consists of new investigations into the phonetics and phonology of Danish stops.
Supervisors: Janet Grijzenhout and Bert Botma

University education

2023: PhD, Leiden University
Thesis: Stop! Hey, what’s that sound? The representation and realization of Danish stops, supervised by Janet Grijzenhout and Bert Botma. Reading committee: Paul Boersma, Yiya Chen, Willemijn Heeren, and Martin Krämer.

2018: M.A. in Linguistics, Aarhus University.
Thesis: The function of the foundation field in Danish talk-in-interaction. On the intersection of interactional organization, information structure, and syntactic coding, supervised by Jakob Steensig.
Exchange: KU Leuven, ResMA Advanced Studies in Linguistics, track: Cognitive and Functional Linguistics

2016: B.A. in Linguistics, minoring in China Studies, Aarhus University.
Thesis: The productive acquisition of dental obstruents by Danish learners of Chinese, supervised by William McGregor.
Exchange: Peking University, European-Chinese Language and Culture Programme

Teaching experience

University of Amsterdam
Introduction to Linguistics (1st year BA Linguistics). Taught seminars for 2 groups (2022).
Course coordinator: Enoch Aboh
Phonetics (1st year BA Linguistics). Taught seminars for 2 groups (2021).
Course coordinator: Marijn van ‘t Veer
Phonology (2nd year BA Linguistics). Taught seminars for 1 group (2021).
Course coordinator: Silke Hamann

Leiden University
Linguistics 1: Analyzing English sounds and words (1st year BA English Language & Culture). Taught seminars for 2 groups during the first block, and gave one of the lectures (2022).
Course coordinators: Bert Botma and Aniko Liptak.
Linguistics 1: The phonetics of English (1st year BA English Language & Culture). Taught seminars three semesters for a total of 6 groups, one of which was digital (2019-2021). Gave one of the lectures in 2021. Course coordinator: Bert Botma.
Linguistics 5B: Words, sentences, and sounds in interaction (3rd year BA English Language & Culture). Co-taught and co-coordinated Janet Grijzenhout (2022).

Aarhus University
Danish and the languages of the World (1st year BA Linguistics). Teaching assistant (2014).
Course coordinator: Line Krogager Andersen
Phonetics and phonology (1st year BA Linguistics). Taught seminars for 3 groups (2014).
Course coordinator: Marjoleine Sloos
Structure, meaning and use (2nd year BA Linguistics). Teaching assistant (2014).
Course coordinator: Jan Rijkhoff
Understanding linguistics (1st year BA Linguistics). Taught seminars for 2 groups (2016).
Course coordinater: William McGregor

Research visits

2020: ~3 months at The Arctic University of Norway – Tromsø, Center for Advanced Studies in Linguistics. (Host: Martin Krämer)
2018: ~2 months at Aarhus University, Peter Skautrup Centre for Jutlandic Dialect Research. (Host: Inger Schoonderbeek Hansen)

Reviewing experience

Journals: Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience (2022), Glossa (2021)
Proceedings: International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (2023), Møderne om udforskningen af det danske sprog (2019, 2021)
Conference abstracts: Laboratory Phonology (2022), Fonologi i Norden (2021)

Conference and workshop organization

Conference of the Student Organization of Linguistics in Europe 29, digital meeting hosted at Leiden University, 26-28 January, 2021
Nordic Interdisciplinary Conference on Discourse and Interaction 5, Aarhus University, 21-23 November, 2018
Bias in Auditory Perception, Aarhus University, 18-20 September, 2015

Honors and awards

2020 William Demant Fonden travel grant, €800 [annulled due to covid-19 outbreak]
2020 Leids Universiteits Fonds travel grant, €1.600
2017 Aarhus University Arts travel grant, €550
2015 Aarhus University Arts travel grant, €800
2015 Aarhus University Linguistics Department conference grant, €200

Professional service and outreach

2021-2023 Board member of Student Organization of Linguistics in Europe
2017- Occasional blogger for linguistics blog
2017-2018 Occasional high school presentations with the Danish Talk-in-Interaction (DanTIN) research group
2014-2015 Research assistant for the Cognitive Creolistics project at Aarhus University
2014 Establishing and editing working papers journal Skrifter om Samtalegrammatik
2013-2018 Establishing and editing the online platform

University service

Aarhus University
2017 Member of appeal board
2015-2018 Problem-solving during intro week for undergraduate students at Linguistics department
2014 Mentor for new undergraduate students at Linguistics department
2013 Tutor for new undergraduate students at Linguistics department

Professional memberships

Association for Laboratory Phonology
International Phonetic Association

Member of research networks

2022- Empirical Approaches to Phonology, University of Amsterdam
2020-2022 Open Science Community Leiden
2020-2021 Tromsø/Verona phonology circle
2017- Sounds of Language and Speech, Aarhus University
2015 Danish-accented Chinese, Aarhus University
2013-2018 Danish Talk-in-Interaction (DanTIN), Aarhus University

Seasonal schools

2022: Coping with the complexity in speech production and perception @ Haus Chorin, co-organized by Speech Lab Groningen, Leibniz-Zentrum Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft, and Laboratoire de Phonétique et Phonologie
2019-2021: Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics (LOT), University of Amsterdam, Utrecht University, Tilburg University, Radboud University Nijmegen (online)
2015: Nordkurs Icelandic Language and Culture, University of Iceland
2013: Language description and linguistic fieldwork, Aarhus University


Danish, Native
English, Full professional proficiency
Dutch, Did courses up until B1 level (2018-2019), very high passive proficiency, good active proficiency
Standard Chinese, Did courses up until B2 level (2014-2016), I can communicate and read at a basic level, but I’m very rusty
Norwegian, Fluent reading and very high passive proficiency
Swedish, Near-fluent reading and decent passive proficiency
German, 3 years of elementary school courses (2005-2008), decent passive proficiency, low active proficiency
Icelandic, Followed intense four-week summer school (2015), decent passive proficiency and reading
French, Decent reading
Spanish, 3 years of high school courses (2008-2011), but very low proficiency
Arabic, Followed evening school course (2014), some passive knowledge but no proficiency


R (including RMarkdown)
Praat scripting

Statistical expertise

Linear and logistic (mixed) models, generalized additive (mixed) models, functional (mixed) models, multiple correspondence analysis, (functional) principal component analysis, data visualization

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